The Best Mats to Buy for a Deli

deli floor matsDelis commonly use floor mats to keep their customers and employees comfortable. One’s definition of what a deli is may vary, so allow us to clarify. In some areas, delis are places you go to get specialized meats, and in other locations, delis are where you go to grab a quick breakfast or lunch. Maybe it is a bit of both. But no matter what type of deli you own, deli floor mats are essential for employee and customer safety and comfort.

Anti-Slip Floor Mats

Delis can be fast paced environments. Employees need to move from place to place quickly to fulfill the needs of your customers. The best way to make sure your employees can move from place to place quickly is to purchase anti-slip deli floor mats. These floor mats will make slipping and sliding non-existent and your workers will be able to move about more quickly and efficiently.


Deli floor mats with drainage are also a good choice. Like any business that works with food, cleanliness is a necessity. Drainage floor mats will allow water and debris to fall through the drainage holes in the mats. Then, at the end of the day during cleanup, the mats can be removed and the floor and mats can be cleaned. Deli floor mats with drainage will keep everything nice and clean.


Your workers are on their feet all day seeing to the needs of your customers. It is best to keep them comfortable and safe with anti-fatigue deli floor mats. Anti-fatigue floor mats help to reduce foot, joint, leg, and lower back pain that is associated with standing and walking for long periods of time. Keep your employees healthy and productive with anti-fatigue floor mats.

Interlocking Floor Mats

Deli floor mats that interlock are also a great option. With interlocking floor mats, you are able to create the mat for the space you need with many smaller floor mats. These interlocking mats fit together perfectly. They are easy to place and remove, but will stay together when you need them to.

All in One

It is possible to get all or some of the features mentioned above in one deli floor mat. There is also the option to add an antimicrobial treatment that will inhibit the growth of bacteria. With all these options, you will know that your employees and products are safe.

Deli Entrance Floor Mats

The first thing your customers should see when they walk up to or into your store is your company’s name and logo. This is possible with both indoor and outdoor logo mats. All you have to do is upload your logo or send it to us in an email. We will take your logo and print it for you on the indoor and/or outdoor logo mat of your choice.

Message Deli Floor Mats

It goes without saying, that the area where your customers gather to wait in line and place their orders withstands a lot of foot traffic. Keep your flooring safe and your customers comfortable with a message deli floor mat. This mat is colorful and bold with the word “DELI” printed clearly for all to see. Customers will know exactly where to order, and the counter area will stay cleaner longer. has every type of deli floor mat you could possibly need. Come and check out our website today.