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  • Reduce Maintenance Cost with Entrance Floor Mats and Runners

    Entrance Floor MatsKeeping your facility maintained and your flooring in good shape can be costly especially if you have to buff, refinish or replace the flooring often. Each time someone enters your facility they track in a little moisture, dirt, sand and other debris from the bottom of their shoes. The constant tracking of these contaminants wreaks havoc on your flooring and wears them out much faster than normal but there is a solution.

    You can reduce maintenance cost with entrance floor mats and runners. Here’s how they work.

    They Catch the Bulk of the Debris

    Entrance mats catch the majority of the dirt and debris as soon as the visitors walk through the door. These mats are designed to absorb moisture and to help scrape some of the dirt, sand and other types of debris from the bottom of the shoes before the person steps onto the actual flooring. The runners catch what the entrance mats miss, which adds extra protection.

    It is important to know that some entrance mats perform this job better than others do. Therefore, it’s important to choose the right type of entrance floor mats for your particular business and location. For example, if your business is located inside of a mall or office building, then most any type of mat will do but if it’s located in an area where the visitors come from outside directly into your business, then you’ll need mats and runners that are absorbent and that has strong scrapping capabilities to be efficient.

    They Create a Barrier from Ground-in Dirt

    When dirt gets ground into your flooring, it can do a lot of damage. It makes carpet look dirty and it can scratch and scuff other types of flooring making them look old and worn. Entrance mats and runners act as a barrier from ground-in dirt to prevent this from happening. At the very least, it reduces the amount of dirt and debris that gets ground-in.

    When dirt and debris gets ground into your flooring, it can be very difficult to clean. In most cases, you’ll need to use some type of cleaning chemicals to get the dirt out, which can contribute to poor indoor air quality. For this reason, using entrance floor mats and runners can help to keep the air quality within your business healthier.

    They Reduce Maintenance Costs

    Since entrance floor mats and runners are protecting the flooring and acting as a barrier, it reduces the need to steam clean carpets or to buff and refinish other types of flooring as often. As a result, you’re paying less for maintenance costs and it will help to keep your floors looking like new much longer than they would without this type of protection.

    If you’re not using entrance floor mats and runners to protect your flooring, you’re probably spending way too much in maintenance costs to try and keep your flooring presentable. In addition to reducing maintenance costs, entrance floor mats and runners also create a safer environment for your staff and visitors making them a great investment for any business.

    Stop by to browse through our wide selection of entrance floor mats and runners. From heavy duty scraper mats to logo entrance mats, we have something to suit any need.

  • Non-Conductive Floor Mats and Matting are a Great Investments for Many Industries

    Non-Conductive Floor MatsHow many times have you reached for your car door or touched someone else and without warning, got quite a shock from static electricity? It happens often because your body picks up static charges very easily. The simple act of walking across a carpeted floor can send sparks flying. While static electricity is harmless in most cases, it is a problem for certain types of industries, which is why non-conductive floor mats and matting make such an impression.

    Industries that specialize in electronics deal with sensitive equipment that requires special attention. Dust and static electricity can cause damage to many types of electronics, which means that businesses need to take special precautions to keep their work areas clean and free of static electricity.

    Industries that deal with flammable liquids and chemicals also need to reduce the amount of static charges in the work areas. Static electricity can cause a spark that could actually start a fire, so it’s vital to take precaution to prevent this from happening.

    Using non-conductive floor mats throughout your workstations help to reduce static electricity making it safer to work in these types of industries.

    How They Work

    When employees step onto the non-conductive floor mats, it absorbs the static charge from their bodies and this prevents static shock from occurring. They also help prevent the body from building up more static electricity, which makes it safer for the employees to work with sensitive electronics and flammable materials.

    Non-conductive floor matting is a little different. Industries with employees that work with high voltage electricity use this type of floor mats. They create a barrier between the employees and the ground that reduces the risk of electrical shocks.

    Benefits of Non-Conductive Floor Mats

    Non-conductive floor mats and matting have many benefits that make them a valuable investment. They protect your electronics from static electricity that can cause damage to sensitive equipment. This can save your company money and help to increase production. They also reduce the risks of serious injuries or even death for employees that work with high voltage electricity.

    Types of Non-Conductive Mats

    When purchasing non-conductive floor mats, you’ll find several different styles to choose from designed for different purposes. For example, the Stat-Guard Work Surface Matting is designed for desks and workbenches. They are specifically designed to protect small electrical parts like silicon chips from being rendered virtually worthless by static electricity.

    The Diamond Plate Switchboard Matting is designed specially to protect employees working with high-voltage equipment from the risk of electrocution. Some styles of non-conductive floor mats like the Electrically Conductive Anit-Fatigue floor mats help to promote good health for the employees by reducing the amount of stress on their bodies that standing for long periods can cause.

    They also help to pull the static electricity from the employees to create a safer work environment. Regardless of which type of mat or matting you choose, it is important to make sure you keep them clean of dirt and debris to achieve maximum protection.

    Floormatsystem has a wide variety of non-conductive floor mats and matting to choose from designed specifically for industries that need to eliminate static electricity. Visit today to look at the different styles and choose the ones that suit your business the best.

  • Tips for Choosing Outdoor Entrance Floor Mats

    outdoor entrance floor matOutdoor entrance floor mats have many benefits that include giving your business a professional look that will help to create a positive impression for your company. Outdoor mats are your first line of defense against mud, dirt, rain, snow and other debris. Combined with indoor mats they can help to keep your floors cleaner by reducing the amount of dirt and grime tracked throughout your facility.

    They also help to create a safer environment by keeping the floors dryer. This reduces the risks of injuries caused by visitors slipping and falling from wet floors. It is however, important to choose the right type of mats for your business in order to get the full benefits they have to offer.

    Here are some things to consider when choosing outdoor entrance floor mats to help you make a good decision you’ll be happy with for a long time.

    Consider Your Location

    Where your business is located has a lot to do with the type of outdoor mat you should choose. For example, if you live in an area known for heavy rains or that is subject to extreme cold weather with lots of ice and snow, you need to choose heavy-duty outdoor mats designed to withstand these conditions.

    Scrapemat Rubber Outdoor Entrance Mats are a great choice for locations that experience extreme weather because they’re made from tough and durable all-rubber material. They’re also skid resistant and designed to reduce the amount of moisture tracked throughout your facility. If your business is located in an area where visitors can pick up mud or wet grass, the Heavy Duty Trooper commercial floor mat is a great option.

    High Traffic Areas

    The amount of traffic your business receives also determines which type of outdoor mat to use. You need mats that are durable, easy to clean and that has the ability to pick up and contain the majority of the dirt and debris until the end of the day. The Vinyl Mesh and Vinyl Loop outdoor mats are both good choices for high traffic areas because they hold up well under rough conditions. They’re also lightweight and easy to clean making them the perfect choice for areas with lots of traffic.

    Choose the Right Size

    While it may seem obvious, it is important to choose the right size outdoor mat for your business. Even the best quality commercial entrance mats won’t do the job if they’re too small. For this reason, it’s important for you to choose a size large enough to handle the amount of traffic your business receives on a daily basis.

    Ultimately, the type of entrance floor mats that you use will be your choice but when you pick the right mat for the job, it will help you create a safer environment for your customers by reducing the risk of accidents and keeping your facility cleaner. Take some time to evaluate your needs before making your selection and you’re sure to find the best outdoor entrance floor mats for your needs. has a wide selection of both outdoor and indoor commercial floor mats to choose from, making it easy to find the best match for any business.

  • Commercial Floor Mats: General Maintenance Tips

    Commercial Floor MatsCommercial floor mats provide many benefits for all types of businesses. Quality floor mats look great, offer protection for your guests and staff and logo floor mats are great for advertising. When you invest in good quality, you can expect your floor mats to last for a long time but when you apply general maintenance tips to care for them properly, you can greatly extend the life of your commercial floor mats.

    Vacuum for a Quick Cleaning

    For quick cleaning in-between customers, run a vacuum cleaner over your commercial floor mats to pick up the excess dirt. It only takes a few minutes of your time and it will help to keep your facility looking neat and clean throughout the day.

    Hose Down the Mats

    Depending on the type of business you have and where you’re located, your floor mats may only collect minimal dirt and debris, so vacuuming may be beneficial most of the time. However, when the pile in the carpet surface style floor mats lay down or look matted together or when they begin to look a little dirty even after vacuuming, you can simply hose down the floor mats at the end of the day. After washing out all the dirt and debris, hang them up to dry and they’ll look like new again the next morning.

    Clean with Soap and Water

    If you own a business such as a restaurant, where the mats get greasy or when they collect lots of dirt and grime due to high traffic areas, you can clean your commercial floor mats with soap and water. Use a gentle cleaner and a floor brush to scrub the mats to remove all the grease, dirt and grime from the mats, rinse and allow to dry. You can also use any method that is recommended for carpeted floors on the styles that use pile carpet surfaces. Just remember to use a neutral, solvent free cleaner to avoid causing damage to the floor mats.

    For Hard to Clean Stubborn Stains

    Occasionally, your floor mats may become stained and soap and water or a neutral, solvent free cleaner just won’t do the trick. In this case, you can use a neutral cleaner to scrub the stain. Just be sure to test a small inconspicuous area of the mat first to check for color change and then make sure you rinse the mats thoroughly to remove all of the cleaner before allowing it to dry.

    Clean Under the Mats

    Before you put your commercial floor mats back in place, take the time to clean the flooring underneath where the mats go. This will help keep the interior floor mats cleaner in addition to helping protect your flooring from scratches that dirt and grime buildup can cause. It will also allow the underside of the floor mats to grip the floor better, preventing slipping and sliding.

    Floormatsystem has a wide selection of indoor/outdoor commercial floor mats to choose from that includes logo floor mats, anti-fatigue and food service floor mats. We also offer custom-made and message floor mats for when you’re searching for a way to make your own unique statement. Visit today to see which style is best suited for your business.

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