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  • Industrial Mats Serve Many Functions

    Industrail MatsAt first thought, industrial mats may not seem very important but they are a necessity for any company. As a business owner, you’re responsible for creating a safe environment for your employees. Screening workers, providing proper job training and maintaining a clean and clutter free environment are some ways to ensure your employees are safe but industrial floor mats play a major role, too. Below are some of the benefits you’ll receive when investing in good quality mats for your company.

    An Increase in Production

    At first thought, it may be hard to understand how floor mats can increase production but the anti-fatigue mats can make a difference. When you stand in the same place for long hours, your feet, legs and back will get tired quickly. You’ll begin experiencing pain and a variety of medical conditions can follow. It’s difficult to be productive when you’re in pain and many back and neck injuries along with feet and leg problems are caused from standing for long periods on hard surfaces.

    However, anti-fatigue industrial mats are designed to encourage subtle movement even when the person is standing in one spot. This relieves some of the pressure, increases blood flow and reduce the risk of injuries. Your employees will be more comfortable and healthier, which normally increases productivity.

    Keep Insurance Costs under Control

    When you have employees going to the doctor and missing work regularly due to injuries caused from standing for long periods, your insurance rates will begin to creep up. Your rates are affected by how often the insurance is used and excessive use will result in higher premiums for everyone. While accidents do happen and some injuries cannot be prevented, using mats can help cut back on the number of employees missing work as a direct result of standing in one spot repeatedly and this can help you keep your insurance rates under control.

    Protect Your Employees

    Some industrial mats are designed specifically for protection. People who work with high voltage equipment run the risk of being electrocuted if something goes wrong but non conductive floor mats can help keep them grounded, reducing this risks considerably. Even the slightest electrical charge caused from static electricity can spark a fire if the conditions are right and using anti static mats that insulate the worker and draws the static electricity from his body, helps to protect your employees and create a safer workplace.

    Some types of industrial floor mats can absorb vibrations from loud noises, which help to reduce the risk of workers suffering from hearing problems. Restaurant kitchen floor mats help to prevent many slip and fall accidents and fire retardant mats help to prevent fires caused by sparks when welding or using similar equipment.

    Protects Your Investment

    When you protect your workers and create the safest possible work environment, you automatically protect your investment in the company. The risks of your facility catching fire or sensitive equipment being rendered useless due to something as simple as static electricity are greatly reduced. Protecting your employees and making their work environment as safe as possible helps to create a happier and more productive work environment. Industrial mats serve many functions, making this simple item one of the most important investments you’ll make for your company.

  • Anti Static Floor Mats

    Non-Conductive Floor MatsDrag your feet across a carpeted floor and you can expect sparks to fly when you touch a door handle or even someone else? Most everyone can relate to this type of static electricity and it can be very annoying but it’s also a big problem in the work place, which is why all companies should invest in anti static floor mats.

    These floor mats are designed to pull the static from the worker, eliminating the charge. It can also help to prevent more static electricity from building up as the person moves around, so they don’t have to worry about getting shocked when they touch something. Static electricity can be very strong and cause many problems for your company and your employees.

    Problems Caused By Static Electricity

    No one enjoys getting shocked by static electricity and when it happens repeatedly, it goes from being irritating to frustrating and it can even hurt when you get shocked. Workers become hesitant to touch the equipment because they know they will probably get shocked when they do and this interferes with production. They’re wasting time worrying about whether or not they will feel that shock instead of concentrating on getting the work done.

    Nobody wants to work with equipment when you know it's probably going to shock you every time you touch it but that’s what you’re asking your employees to do if you’re not using anti static floor mats. When you think about it that way, you can see how it slows down production.

    If your company works with sensitive equipment such as motherboards and computer components, static electricity can cause damage that leaves these items useless. This could result in a huge amount of lost revenue for the company but it’s a problem easily solved.

    Many chemicals and gases used in certain types of industries are flammable and the sparks caused from static electricity is enough to ignite them, causing fires to break out randomly such as the one CBS reported on at Barton Solvents Des Moines facility in Iowa. If this happens, your employees could be harmed or the fire could spread causing massive damage but anti static floor mats can help prevent this from happening.

    Types of Anti Static Floor Mats

    There are different types of floor mats available designed to eliminate static electricity. Many of these mats have anti fatigue properties that help to take some of the strain off the legs, hips and ankles of the workers. This makes standing for long periods more comfortable and reduces the risk of injuries.

    The non-conductive switchboard matting is another type designed to prevent electrical shock when working with high-voltage. The stat-guard surface matting was created for desks and similar work areas and they help to protect sensitive components from being damaged by a simple shock.

    Anti-static floor mats are designed to absorb the static electricity and prevent the worker from transferring the charge from his body to the equipment he is working on. Anti static floor mats are a good investment that will help to keep your employees safer, increase production and save your company money.

  • Protect Your Company from Fraudulent Slip and Fall Schemes

    logo-floor-matThe economy is tough and many people are out of work and finding it difficult to make ends meet. This has some people looking for alternative ways to get the money they need to survive and unfortunately, it’s often at the expense of someone else. In many cases, the hard working business owner finds himself in the middle of a fraudulent slip and fall scheme.

    While there are many legitimate cases where workers and customers truly do have an accident and when it’s due to negligence on the part of the business owner, they deserve compensation. However, faking a fall and pretending to be injured seems to be a growing trend that all business owners need to protect their company from, in order to avoid paying out to someone that did not really get hurt.

    How Faking a Slip and Fall Injury Affects Others

    When people fake slip and fall accidents and the company ends up paying them compensation, it hurts the business. It’s possible that many scammers, who try to get money from a fraudulent accident of this nature, believe that the companies are big enough they can afford to pay. They don’t think they are hurting anyone but that is not the case.

    The company has to pay the money from their profits and if they’re already having a slow season, it can be very damaging to their financial situation. For this reason, many businesses have to raise prices to make up for the money they had to pay out, which in turn costs all consumers more money. Every time someone receives compensation for a fake accident, it hurts everyone in some way. talks about this growing trend in the article Schemes & Rip Offs: Slip and Fall Scams. They reported that “Since the financial collapse in 2008 the number of suspicious slip and falls reported to the NICB have shot up 57% nationally”. That’s a huge number and something that all business owners should be aware of. You need to protect your company from this type of scam and here are a few suggestions on how you can do that.

    Tips for Protecting Your Business from Scammers

    The first step in protecting yourself from slip and fall scammers is to keep your floors clean and free of debris. Sweep, clean up spills right away, use wet floor signs and keep inventory off the floor. Keep a log of each time the floors are cleaned and inspected to help prove you took preventative steps in the event something did happen.

    Use good quality commercial floor mats at entranceways and other areas throughout your facility to help reduce the risks of your visitors or employees from slipping and falling. Entrance mats are especially useful because they will help to keep your floors dry and clean making your facility a safer place for your customers.

    It’s also a good idea to install security cameras because capturing the accident on film is the best way to determine if it truly was an accident or if the person is trying to scam you. You won’t have to rely on what they say happened, you can see for yourself. The film can also be used as evidence when you suspect someone is trying to make you the victim of a fraudulent slip and fall scheme.

  • Not all Commercial Floor Mats are the Same When it Comes to Quality

    Commerical Floor MatsYou may know that commercial floor mats have many advantages for both your employees and your visitors but you may not realize that not all mats are the same. If you’re a new company or business owner buying floor mats for the first time, it would be to your advantage to take some time to learn more about them before you buy.

    If you think it’s not a big deal because it’s just a floor mat, think again. Buying floor mats for your business is no different from buying any other type of merchandise or equipment and doing some research first will help to ensure you make a wise decision.

    Choosing a style or design for your floor mats is a big decision because there are so many different options available. However, before you get into choosing a style, finding a company that offers good quality products should be your first concern. Here are a few of the main problems you’ll most likely experience if you purchase poor quality floor mats.

    Poor Performance

    Poor performance is big reason why you need to avoid poor quality commercial floor mats. They just don’t seem to perform their job as well as they should especially after a few months. For example, entrance mats may not absorb the water and debris as well as it should, leaving your floors damp and slick, which is big safety issue.

    Poor quality anti-fatigue floor mats won’t provide the same amount of protection as the ones made from good quality materials do. As a result, Your employees could experience more pain in their legs, back and joints than they should. This can result in more lost time from work and slower production. Purchasing good quality anti-fatigue mats won’t guarantee that your employees will never miss work due to problems caused from prolonged standing but it can reduce the chances more than poor quality matting will.

    Safety Issues

    Poor quality commercial floor mats may look good at first but after a few short months, you’ll begin to notice a big difference. One of the main problems associated with poor quality mats is that they become a safety issue, instead of helping to create a safer environment. Some mats will curl up on the ends, which can cause your customers and employees to trip and fall.

    Another problem is that the bottom of the mats can become slick causing it to slip and slide when you step on it, especially if they’re damp. If you’ve ever had a rug or mat slide out from under you before, you know how dangerous this can be for your customers. Once they begin curling up or sliding around, they’ll need to be replaced right away or you may find yourself dealing with a slip and fall accident that could have been prevented.

    They Cost More in the End

    You can expect to pay a little more for good quality floor mats up front but they’re well worth it. When you begin experiencing the problems mentioned above, you’ll have to replace the mats as soon as possible. If you invest in good quality mats to begin with, they will last you much longer and perform better making your investment a good one. In fact, good quality commercial floor mats can last three or four times longer than poor quality ones, depending on your location, amount of foot traffic and how well you take care of them.

  • Establish Your Brand with Custom Logo Floor Mats

    logo-floor-matEstablishing and making your brand known to attract more customers is a priority for all businesses. Consumers will identify you by your brand and if you make a good enough impression, they’ll remember you the next time they need the products and services your company provides. Using custom-made logo floor mats is a good strategy that can help your company gain more consumer attention.

    When someone walks into your facility, the first and last thing that person will see is your logo. Even though they may only glance at it for a few seconds, it will still make an impression and help consumers remember you. Below are a few tips to help you get the most from your investment.

    Colors and Clarity are Important

    When creating your custom made logo floor mats, make sure your logo, website address and any other information reads clearly. Otherwise, it won’t be as effective and consumers could identify your brand with another company with a similar logo. The colors you use should be consistent with your overall color scheme.

    For example, if your logo is a light blue, then it should appear as light blue on the mats, not a dark blue. Another thing to check is the base color of the mats because you don’t want the logo and other information blending in with the base color or your customers won’t to be able to see it clearly.

    Size and Shape Does Matter

    Choosing the right size and shape mats is also important. The rectangular mats are the traditional shape but other options include the oval, circular patterns and shapes that are flat on one end and round on the other. Put some thought into it so you can choose the size and shape that best suits your logo and the area where it will go.

    Quality and Design Make a Difference

    Your logo floor mats should look professional with close attention paid to the minor details as well as the overall design. Look for mats made from good quality materials with slip resistant backing and choose the right type of mat for its purpose. For example, don’t put an indoor mat outside an entranceway because it’s not designed to hold up to elements the way the outdoor mats are. It will wear out much faster and it won’t provide as much protection for your customers.

    Make a Positive Impression

    It’s important to make a positive impression on your customers every chance you get and well-designed, well-placed logo floor mats can help you do that. These mats are vibrant, colorful and they show your company pays close attention to detail and that you care about your customers. They help to build an environment where customers feel comfortable doing business and they help people remember you the next time they need your services or products.

    You spend a lot of time creating the perfect logo that’s simple but unique, so why not take advantage of using it every chance you get. Investing in quality logo mats will help make your logo the first and last thing customers see when visiting your establishment and this will help to build brand awareness.

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