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  • Make an Impression with Designer Floor Mats

    Logo Floor MatWho says floor mats have to be plain and simple? In a world where technology continues to advance, something as simple as a floor mat can become a thing of beauty and provide protection that will help extend the life of your flooring. By protecting your flooring, floor mats can save you money and that makes them a great investment for homes but they do so much more than simply help you keep your floors looking nice.

    Did you know that slip and fall accidents are the leading cause of injures in homes? Many people have fell and seriously injured themselves simply by walking across the kitchen floor or coming inside after a rainstorm. Most flooring, with the exception of carpet is very slippery when wet and it doesn’t take a lot of water to make your feet fly right out from under you.

    Using floor mats at entrances and in your kitchen and bathroom will help protect you and your family by reducing the risks of slipping and falling in your home. Many homeowners think of big, bulky rubber or vinyl mats when they hear the words floor mat. For this reason, they don’t think of placing these in their homes but things have changed. There is a wide variety of mats available that will help protect your family and visitors from slipping and falling inside your home that will also enhance your decor.

    Decorative Floor Mats

    Decorative floor mats come in a wide variety of styles and colors to match any decor. They look sophisticated and stylish while providing the protection you need to reduce the risks of slip and fall accidents within the home. Some of your style options include Venetian, Paisley, Baroque and Deco Diamond patterns.

    Our decorative floor mats will look great in every room in your home. These high quality mats help to create a warm and inviting environment and we have several designs to choose from. Our computer-controlled technology provides rich color palettes, along with consistency within the design for a quality, professional look. The rubber backing prevents the mats from sliding around on the floor, adding to the protect they provide.

    Message Floor Mats

    Our message floor mats have messages of hope, inspiration, endurance and more with gorgeous designs that add to the beauty of your home. These mats can send a powerful message that provides motivation for you and your family every day. We have a wide selection of messages to choose from or you can have your mats custom made to say what you want it to.

    Whether you choose one of our pre-selected message floor mats or create your own design, they will help welcome your guests into your home in style while providing powerful messages of inspiration and hope.

    Both the decorative and message floor mats have the same look and feel as area rugs making them an excellent choice for homes. However, they perform in the same way that commercial floor mats do, so they offer much needed protection against slip and fall accidents.

  • Promote Your Brand Using Interior Design

    Commercial Entrance MatsYour company’s brand is what consumers use to distinguish your business from your competitors. When you have a strong brand, people will remember you when they need the products or services you offer and your company will grow. Your brand is unique to your company so you want to promote it in every way you can. One great way to do this is with your interior design.

    A good design has the potential to strengthen your brand and gain company recognition. When consumers walk into your place of business, they look around at everything from the flooring to color of your walls. What they see will help them determine how they feel about your company. If you make a good impression and your customers feel comfortable, they’ll be more likely to return. When you use your interior design to promote your brand, it’ll help them remember you longer.

    Promote Your Brand with Your Company’s Colors and Logo

    When you incorporate your brand colors and logo into your interior design, it creates a visual aid that gets attention. Visual stimulation helps people remember your brand much longer because they will associate this color with your brand everytime they see it. Color also helps you make a good first impression on your customers.

    Using your brand colors in your design along with your logo will add interest to your facility while increasing brand recognition. You can also use window stickers, signage and displays to promote your brand throughout your facility to help attract your customer’s attention and increase brand awareness.

    Logo Entrance Mats

    Logo entrance mats are also a great way to draw attention to your brand while brightening up and enhancing your interior design. Here at, we use computer-controlled, dye-injection technology to make our custom logo mats, which means the colors used to create your logo and design will stay vibrant for years.

    Every time someone walks in or out of your building, they’ll walk over the floor mats making your logo the first and last thing they see. This helps to make an impression on your customers that will last for a long time. Indoor and outdoor entrance mats also help to make your establishment safer. They catch most of the dirt, debris and moisture tracked into your building helping to keep your floors cleaner and dryer, so they serve multiple purposes.

    The interior design you choose for your business does make a difference in how people perceive you. Many consumers will judge your company by your interior design and it will help them remember you. The right design will instill confidence and help build a good first impression that will keep customers coming back and it’ll encourage them to recommend you to their friends and family.

    Implementing your brand’s colors and logo into the design, along with using entrance logo mats will help create an environment that makes your visitors feel welcome and comfortable. As a result, they will think of you the next time they need your services or products.

  • Reduce Nursing Home Accidents with These Tips

    Carer Helping Elderly Senior Woman Using Walking FrameNursing homes play an important role in the health care industry. The workers in these facilities take their jobs very seriously. They perform many physical and strenuous activities throughout the day to take care of the residents to make them as comfortable and happy as possible during their stay.

    In order for these workers to provide the best of care, nursing homes need to take steps to protect their employees from accidents that hinder their performance or that results in lost time from work.

    Nursing home workers have demanding jobs that can take its toll on the body very quickly. This is why they often suffer from aches and pains daily and many of these workers sustain serious injuries that prevent them from doing their job. Slip and fall accidents are a leading cause of injuries in nursing homes.

    Reduce Nursing Home Accidents with Floor Mats

    Slip and fall accidents account for a large number of the injuries affecting nursing home workers. The floors in these facilities are naturally slick and when they become damp or wet, they become more dangerous. Keeping the floors clean and free of debris will help to reduce slip and fall accidents but floor mats can also make a huge difference.

    You can reduce the amount of dirt, debris and moisture that enters the facility by using commercial entrance floor mats. The rubber scraper mats work very well for keeping these entranceways clean and dry. You can also use floor mats throughout your facility in high traffic areas and in kitchens and cafeterias to help reduce nursing home accidents.

    How to Reduce the Risk of Back Injuries

    In addition to the slip and fall accidents, many nursing home workers suffer from back injuries caused from the heavy lifting and from standing for long periods. Back pain can be a real problem and not only does it hinder performance but it’s responsible for a large percentage of the missed time from work.

    Educating workers on the proper way to lift and having them work in teams when lifting heavy objects or moving patients will help to reduce the risk of back injuries. Using anti-fatigue floor mats in areas where workers stand for long periods will also help to reduce sore muscles and back pain.

    Nursing home workers also perform many of their duties in awkward positions and this puts a strain on all the muscles within the body. Working in these odd positions can cause a condition called musculoskeletal disorder or MSD. This condition is described as injuries affecting the muscles, tendons, nerves, joints and ligaments supporting the neck, back and limbs.

    The jobs nursing home workers perform are extremely important. They take care of those who can no longer care for themselves but this job is very demanding. For this reason, management should do everything they can to help protect their workers from these common injuries. Using floor mats and teaching workers the proper way to perform their jobs will go a long ways in reducing back pain, MSD and the risk of being involved in a slip and fall accident.

  • Tips for Preventing Slip and Fall Accidents

    Anti Fatigue Floor MatsAccidents happen from time to time but when you own a business, you must do everything you can to reduce the risks of anyone falling and injuring themselves in your establishment. Both your employees and customers are at risks for falls and accidents can happen very quickly. All it takes is for someone to trip over merchandise, displays, a spill or even uneven places inside or outside of your facility.

    Such accidents can cause serious injuries that leave the person in a lot of pain and discomfort. Once an accident has occurred, there is not much you can do but help the person the best you can and take steps to prevent it from happening again. However, when you take steps to make sure your building is as safe as possible right from the start, you greatly reduce the risks.

    Preventing accidents will help protect your employees and customers from injuring themselves by slipping and falling but it also helps to protect you from lawsuits. When someone falls and gets hurt on your property, they have a right to sue your company. If the injured person proves that the accident occurred due to neglect on your part, you will be responsible for compensating them for their injuries.

    Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents by Investing In Good Quality Floor Mats

    Floor mats are more important than many people realize. They do so much more than simply add a little color to the room or catch some of the dirt tracked in by your customers. Entrance floor mats also absorb the moisture from the bottom of the shoes of everyone that walks into your facility. This keeps the floors dryer, so they’re not as slick and dangerous to walk on.

    Adding floor mats throughout your facility will also provide customers extra protection that makes it easier to walk across your floors, especially when someone is wearing shoes that tend to slip and slide on commercial type flooring. Some shoes just naturally have slick soles and when you add this to slick flooring, it’s an accident waiting to happen.

    By placing floor mats throughout your business, you’re giving the person an alternate route on which to walk that reduces the risk of them falling. Here at, we have a wide selection of entry floor mats and runners that will help you protect your business from slip and fall accidents.

    Keep Your Store Neat and Clean

    It may seem obvious but in order to prevent slip and fall accidents in your store, you need to keep it as neat and clean as possible. Don’t allow displays to stick out into the aisles and never leave boxes of groceries sitting around while you stock the store. Clean up any spills immediately and be observant. If you notice something out of place or anything that could cause an accident, take care of it right away.

    Sweep and mop regularly and remember to always put out your wet floor signs. You can also use other signage to direct your customers away from stock rooms and other unauthorized areas that could pose potential dangers.

    Slip and fall accidents are a problem for businesses and you must do all you can to protect your employees and customers from falls that can cause serious injuries.

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