3 Commercial Environments that Should Have Contamination Control Mats

contamination control matsContamination control mats are designed for the purpose of removing contaminants from shoes or carts that pass over their surface. This helps to reduce contamination and cross contamination when employees walk from room to room.

According to studies performed by 3M, about 80% of all contaminants enter a room at or near floor level. Therefore, contamination control mats are an excellent choice for all commercial environments that need contamination control.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Laboratories

Pharmaceutical manufacturers and laboratories need contamination control mats to control contamination and cross contamination.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers must evaluate compounds, grind them down into powder, and then press these powders into individual pills with the same amount of medication in each unit. Powders from one type of medicine should not mix with other medicine powders. That is very dangerous. Thus, it is best to place mats at the entrance of each manufacturing room so that cross contamination is reduced.

Laboratories are facilities that provide controlled conditions where scientific or technological measurements, research, or experiments can be performed. The key phrase with laboratories is “controlled conditions.” The best way to make sure conditions are controlled is to use contamination control mats. This will remove any contaminates that may be tracked in.

Specialized Auto Painting Facilities

Dust and other small particulates can ruin a car paint job. There are specially designed painting rooms for the exact purpose of keeping contaminates away from the paint and the painting process. Car painters even wear clean suits to protect the paint job.

Contamination control mats are an extra line of defense for car painting rooms. Any dust or particles that may attach to your shoes will be easily removed by contamination control mats.

Facilities with a Clean Room

Companies and businesses that build small computer parts or other sensitive materials need a clean room. Clean rooms have a limited amount of dust or microbes allowed per square meter. Different facilities have different levels of allowed contamination. Controlling these levels of contamination is very important for some tests and manufacturing.

Computer chips and components are so small and sensitive that even the smallest amount of dust can render a piece useless. Therefore, construction of these components need to be done in a clean room.

In addition to air filtration and clean suits, contamination control mats are used to control the amounts of contaminants that enter the clean room. With about 80% of contaminates coming in at or near floor level, contamination control mats are essential.

Clean Room Tacky Mats

Floormatsystems.com has clean room tacky mats in blue and white. These mats are available in six different sizes and come with 30 peel off adhesive sheets. The adhesive sheets are sticky and pull off any dust or particles that may accumulate on the bottom of your shoes. They are excellent contamination control mats and are placed in a no-trip, no-skid frame. This ensures your mats stay in the correct place.

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