Kitchen Floor Mats Help Prevent Industrial Accidents

Food Service Kitchen MatsThe kitchen in restaurants, hotels, hospitals and other industries are at high risks for slip and fall accidents. Anytime someone falls, there is a risk of serious injury that can put the employee out of work for an undetermined amount of time. Along with the discomfort and other problems the person hurt must deal with, the lost time from work can interfere with daily operations and hinder business. However, there are ways to reduce the risks of accidents and make your kitchen a safer place for all employees.

The information below discusses some of the potential kitchen hazards employees face associated with slip and fall accidents. It also offers some tips for reducing accidents and information on how industrial floor mats can make your kitchen safer.

Potential Kitchen Hazards

Many things contribute to accidents in the kitchen but the main culprit is usually grease, food and water that end up on the floor during rushes. No matter how careful workers are, dropping food particles, splashing water and dripping grease on the floor is inevitable. The kitchen area is always busy with everyone running around trying to keep up with the orders. Moreover, anywhere there are fryers, you’re going to have grease dripping on the floor from time to time.

All of these things contribute to kitchen accidents, so you need to take steps to help protect employees from falls as much as possible. The following tips can help.

Tips for Reducing Kitchen Accidents

Requiring employees to wear non-slip, waterproof shoes, cleaning up spills as quickly as possible and keeping clutter to a minimum are all great ways to help reduce the risk of accidents. Making sure the kitchen has adequate drainage, using convex mirrors for blind corners and maintaining proper lighting will also make a big difference in how safe the kitchen is.

In addition to these ideas, following proper cleaning procedures and using industrial kitchen floor mats will also reduce the risk of an accident from occurring. These tips will also help your business comply with OSHA regulations for restaurants and other businesses that deal with food.

How Kitchen Floor Mats Can Help

Kitchen floor mats are made from strong rubber with grease resistant capabilities and they have non-slip backing that prevents them from sliding around. There are different styles available but the most common type used in restaurants and similar kitchens have drainage holes. This traps the liquids and food substances below the surface of the mats until you can clean them. It also prevents spills from spreading out onto the surrounding areas.

As an added bonus, you can also choose kitchen floor mats with anti-fatigue properties. This creates a more comfortable work environment for employees by reducing the stress on the back, hips and legs caused by standing in one place for long periods.

It’s your responsibility as the owner of a business to make sure the kitchen area is as safe as possible for employees. You can’t prevent all accidents from happening but you can reduce the risks by following the tips above and using quality industrial kitchen floor mats.

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