Choose the Right Desk Chairs for Your Office

Casual businessman sitting at desk writing in his officeSitting for long periods is associated with many health issues such as heart disease, diabetes, stiff joints, poor circulation, spinal disorders and obesity. As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to do all you can to help your employees take steps to counteract the effects of sitting behind a desk for eight or more hours a day.

One thing that you can do to help lower the risks of your employees suffering from one or more of these medical conditions is to allow them to take regular breaks. This way, they can get up, stretch and walk around for a bit. Another option that will make a big difference in the health of your employees is choosing the right desk chairs. You need ones designed to help take some of the stress off the body.

What to Consider When Choosing Desk Chairs for Your Office

Today, you have many different types of office chairs to choose from, so it pays to do some research and check out the different styles available. While searching through your options, pay close attention to the different feature each one has. This will help you pick out the style best suited for your office environment.

Office desk chairs should:

  • provide maximum support for the back, hips and spine
  • swivel and recline to allow for a wide range of movement to prevent straining
  • adjust up and down to accommodate different heights, so the hands are above the desk and parallel with the floor and elbows will be in-line with the shoulders
  • have a footrest to allow the knees and hips to be at right angles reducing the pressure placed on the knees, thighs and back

Extra features that you’ll find with some desk chairs include depth adjustment and adjustable backrests. The adjustable backrest allows the user to move it around until it provides proper support for the lumbar area.

Chair Floor Mats Are Also Important

Office workers have to move around all day in their chairs, which is why they are designed with rollers. It’s much easier to roll from one side to the other instead of standing up and stretching across the desks for the items they need or to use different office equipment. The workers will also need to slide back and forth when getting in and out of the chair. Therefore, you need the rollers to move easily to prevent straining.

That’s why chair floor mats are so important. They make rolling the chairs around much easier, reducing the stain on the back, legs and arms of the employee. Here at we have a wide variety of chair floor mats suited for any office environment. You can even order custom chair mats to fit under odd shaped desks perfectly. Give us a call today to learn more about our products and services. We can even help you decide which mats would be best suited for your office if you’re not sure what you need.

The desk chair is a major investment for any office. The right choice will help keep your employees healthier and happier, which will increase production. It’s worth the extra time researching to find the best style chair for your business and don’t forget the floor mats. They can reduce the risks of sore, strained muscles by making it easier for your employees to move around in the chairs.

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