Display Your School Colors and Logo throughout Your Facility

entry floor matsYour school colors and logo will set you apart from all the rest. It’s your brand and everyone will know and recognize the colors and symbols you choose as belonging to your school. They help to establish a visual style that increases brand awareness and draws attention to you. The colors and logo you choose play an important role in helping others identify your school during special events and fundraisers along with all other school related projects.

Promoting your school logo and colors help to spread brand awareness to the public but they should also be present within the school itself. It’s important to display them throughout your facility for all students, faculty and visitors to see. It helps to reinforce your brand and build support for your school. Below are three excellent ways to incorporate your school colors and logo into your design.

Paint the School with Your Designated Colors

Painting the school with your designated colors, where appropriate will help you standout from all the other schools. Painting the hallways will certainly brighten things up, boost student moral and lift school spirit. Decorating with your designated colors will add personality to your school and make it more interesting for everyone, which will encourage students, staff and visitors to help support your school.

Use Colorful, Decorative Floor Mats

You need floor mats throughout your school to help protect students, staff and visitors from slip and fall accidents but who says these mats have to be boring. Floor mats present a great opportunity for you to display your school’s logo and colors in a unique, fun and interesting way. They’ll also help people remember you since they’ll be the first and last thing everyone sees when entering your school.

Here at Floormatsystems.com, we offer a variety of indoor/outdoor custom logo mats made of the finest quality materials available to ensure durable. Contact us for more information about creating logo mats for your school and to learn more about the other types of mats available that can help make your facility a safer place for everyone.

Use Vinyl Graphics, Posters and Banners

Using vinyl graphics in hallways and on windows is a great way to incorporate your logo into your design. They’re bright, colorful and you can choose a variety of sizes for different locations throughout your facility. You can use posters in the classrooms because they are less distractive to the students and banners work great for school entrances and outside your building.

Using vinyl graphics, posters and banners are all great investments for your school. You can move them to different locations anytime you feel the need for a change and all three options will help draw attention to your school and reinforce brand awareness.

Your school colors and logo identify your facility and they help to build support when used for promotional purposes. However, it’s also important to display them inside and around your school grounds. The three options above will help you do that in a way that grabs attention and encourages students, staff members and all visitors to help support your school.

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