Making Impressions with Colors: Which Hues are Best for Logo Mats?

Have you seen logo mats with mismatched colors? What were your initial impressions when you saw these mats? Satisfied? Indifferent? Turned off? Whatever it is that you felt, it's likely that customers also felt the same way.

Choosing the right color is crucial to the design of your mat, and this is what we'll be discussing. Here are some of the secrets in making great impressions with impressive colors for your logo mats:

Show Your Authority with Black and Red

The dark, bold hues of red and black show a great display of authority and power, bringing attention to your mats. The best thing about these colors is they exude sophistication and luxury, which reinforces your brand in the customer's eyes. You can match these hues with lighter tones to create contrast and make the design of your mat more visible.

Go Easy on Light Colors

Most business owners choose light colors, as they are easy to match with business logos. The problem is these hues also tend to lure the eyes on dirt and dust that have gathered on the mat. If you want to add appeal to your mat design with light colors, use neutral tones instead. Neutral shades will help you balance the vibrancy of other colors, while keeping the design light and masking dirt.

Be One with Nature with Green

Green has always been a reference to nature. If you want to show the eco-friendly side of your business, rich, emerald tones are best for your logo mats. Not only do these hues signify environmental friendliness, lively jade tones also suggest wealth and prosperity. It’s the best color to show that you are serious in growing your business.

There's nothing wrong with using different hues for your logo mats, as long as the branding and message remain clear. If you need help in choosing the right colors for your logo mats, Floor Mat Systems will gladly provide more insights.

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