Types of Non-Conductive Mats

radialvinylrunnerblackIndustries that work with electronics or high voltage electricity need non-conductive table and floor mats to help protect sensitive equipment and employees. There are different types of mats available to serve different purposes. Surface mats for example, are the ones you place on top of worktables and desks to protect small electrical components against static electricity. These come in various sizes to accommodate any need.

The shock that you feel from static electricity is called electro static discharge or ESD. You’re feeling at least 3,000 volts of electricity when you encounter static shock. You know how uncomfortable this can feel but you might be surprised to learn that it takes a lot less than that to damage electronic components such as computer chips and semiconductor devices.

Static electricity can occur simply from walking across the floor so you can’t eliminate it from the workplace but non-conductive surface mats can stop it from damaging your inventory during the manufacturing process. Technology is helping to make electronic components smaller to help meet consumer demand for smaller, more convenient devices. As a result, the need to protect these parts from ESD increases even more.

Non-Conductive Mats with Anti-Fatigue Properties

Electrically conductive mats are a type of floor mat designed to protect sensitive equipment and make the work area more comfortable for your employees. The static dissipative anti-fatigue smooth top mats are a good example of these. The anti-fatigue properties will reduce worker fatigue and lower the risk of injuries caused from standing in one spot all day while the non-conductive properties protect the equipment from ESD.

These mats have a metal scrim embedded in the surface that causes the static electricity to dissipate by draining it from the workers body before it can pass to the equipment. They’re very effective and can save your company lots of money on damaged merchandise. You’ll need to use the ground cord accessory with this particular mat for it to work properly. Simply connect the terminal to the screw located in the nearest outlet cover and you’re all set to go.

Switchboard Matting

Another type of non-conductive floor mat is called switchboard matting. These have the most important function of all because they’re designed to protect employees that work with high voltage electricity or equipment. They are insulated to form a barrier that protects employees from being grounded, reducing the risks of electrical shock that could result in serious injuries or even death.

Switchboard matting varies in thickness, which provides varies degrees of protection so it’s vital that you choose the right mats for your particular facility. If you need help choosing the right thickness, give us a call. Our representatives will be happy to go over your specific needs and help you choose the right mats for the job.

Whether you’re trying to protect sensitive equipment from static electricity or save the life of an employee, non-conductive mats are proven to be effective. They offer many benefits, making them a smart investment for any company that works with high voltage electricity or sensitive equipment that can be damaged by the ESD caused by static electricity.