Reduce Accidents in the Workplace with Floor Mats

Floor MatsEvery business depends on its workers to keep operations running smoothly, so it’s important to do all you can to create a safe environment. When employees have lost time from work due to accidents and injuries, it disrupts their life but it will also have a negative effect on your business by reducing production and it can cause your insurance rates to go up.

Creating a safe work environment is the best way to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries from occurring and you have several options available. Keeping walkways clean and free of debris, performing regular maintenance on the equipment and providing proper lighting in all work areas and hallways are excellent ways to help prevent injuries and accidents from occurring in the workplace. Another way is by investing in good quality floor mats.

Choosing the right type of floor mats for each area of your facility is also important to ensure your employees are receiving the most protection. Here are four of the main types of floor mats available and how they help reduce the risk of injuries and accidents throughout your facility.

Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats

When workers stand on their feet all day, every day for long periods it can cause serious pain throughout their body. Some people suffer with knee and ankle problems and others deal with serious back pain, all of which can lead to loss time from work. Anti-fatigue floor mats help to increase oxygen and blood flow to the lower extremities by encouraging subtle movement and it relieves a lot of the stress on the body caused from standing for long periods. This reduces the aches, pains and other health problems affecting many workers.

Non-Conductive Floor Mats

Use these non-conductive floor mats in any area where employees work with high voltage or sensitive equipment because even the slightest charge from static electricity can cause serious problems. These floor mats and runners insulate the workers and draw the static from their bodies, making it safe for them to touch the equipment. They will also help prevent fires caused by static electricity and they can even save the life of workers by protecting them from serious electrical shocks the high voltage equipments can generate.

Restaurant Kitchen Mats

Restaurants and other businesses that have a kitchen need these mats to help prevent injuries from occurring. The kitchen area of any facility is one of the worse places for slip and fall accidents due to grease, oil and food particles falling on the floor making it slippery. These non-slip mats help to keep the area dry by trapping the liquids and food in the drainage holes throughout the shift. Some styles are grease resistant and they’re made from anti-fatigue material for added protection.

Indoor/Outdoor Entrance Mats

Having indoor/outdoor entrance mats is also very important. These provide protection from the elements as soon as your employees enter the facility. The outdoor mats are the first line of defense and they’ll catch the majority of the dirt, debris and moisture from the soles of the shoes as the employees walk through the door. The indoor mats will pick up the rest. This prevents your floors from becoming damp and slippery, which helps to reduce the risks of slip and fall accidents.

When you take steps to protect the health and well-being of your workers, everyone wins. They are happier and healthier so they feel better. It reduces lost time from work, which increases production, it can help lower insurance rates and it helps to create a better image of your company with the public. Your company will grow and prosper when you take care of your employees. has a wide variety of floor mats available for all your needs to help keep your employees safe and reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents in your facility.

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