Does the Color of Your Floor Mats Affect Your Customers Mood?

custom floor matsYou’ve most likely heard that colors have an impact on people’s emotions and attitude but you may not have thought about something as simple as your floor mats affecting the mood of your customers. When choosing entry floor mats for your business, you automatically think about quality and durability. Those are very important features that you need to consider if you want to make a good investment.

Floor mats are designed to help create a safe environment and to help keep your establishment clean. Therefore, many business owners will consider these things seriously and not think much about what color the floor mats are but that could be a mistake.

The Colors You Choose Can Make Quite an Impact

Any color can dramatically affect the mood of your customers. Even the color of your floor mats matter, so you’ll want to choose wisely. Your entranceway floor mats are the first thing that your customers see when they enter your facility, so it’s the first thing that sets the stage for their mood. It could make them feel happy, sad, annoyed or just plain grumpy, so you want to be careful and put some thought into it.

What Different Colors Represent

The first step in choosing the right color floor mats is to learn the different meanings associated with each one. Some colors have a calming effect while others may cause your customers to feel anxious or impatient.

Here are a few of the most common colors used for floor mats and what they represent:

  • Brown-represents dependability and authenticity, so it works well in most any environment.
  • Green- represents sophistication, wealth, nature and it has a calming effect that gives off a welcoming vibe, so it’s often used by large wealthy corporations.
  • Black- represents power and authority, so this color works well in large corporations like banks and government buildings.
  • Yellow- represents optimisms but too much yellow can make people cranky and moody, so it’s best used as just an accent.
  • Red- represents intense emotions and excitement, so it works best in restaurants, game rooms and other businesses that want to stimulate their guests and make them excited.
  • Blue- represents loyalty and serenity, so it’s often used in retail stores and similar businesses that want to encourage shoppers to make a purchase.
  • Purple- represents luxury and wealth but it’s not commonly used for floor mats. This color might be a good choice for luxury hotels and similar facilities.

Many companies use their signature colors for everything and most of the time that works out fine unless you have odd colors. If you’re not sure if you’re choosing the right colors, it’s best to get a second opinion from a professional. has an article on The Role of Color in Marketing that will help you understand the impact colors can have on your business.

While the color of your floor mats may seem like an insignificant thing, it could make a difference in how happy or how annoyed your customers are. When you consider the effects that colors can have on people’s emotional state, you can see why choosing the best colors to represent your business is so important from your logo to the color of your walls to your floor mats. has a huge selection of quality mats to choose from that come in a variety of colors to match any need. If you’re not sure which color is best suited for your business, our friendly and professional staff will be happy to help you choose based on your individual needs.

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