Create a Safe Work Environment with Industrial Floor Mats

radialvinylrunnerblackWhen you own a company, the safety of your workers is your first concern. Without your employees you wouldn’t have a business and the happier and safer they are, the smoother everything will run. When employees miss work due to some type of injury they sustained from working in an unsafe environment, it reflects badly on your company. It could also end up costing you quite a bit of money for medical care and compensation.

Fortunately, you can help keep your workers safe in several different ways. For example, making sure you have good lighting throughout your facility will prevent many accidents from occurring. You can also implement procedures to help keep the floors free of anything that could cause someone to trip and use industrial floor mats to help reduce the risks of accidents and injuries from occurring within your facility due to falls.

Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents

Creating a safe environment for your employees includes taking steps to prevent slip and fall accidents and one of the best ways to do that is with industrial floor mats. Industrial flooring tends to be very slick especially when wet. By placing entrance mats at all doorways leading into the facility, you’ll cut back on the amount of moisture tracked into the building and this will help create a safer environment.

You can use floor mats in the office and break rooms to help keep employees and visitors safer in these areas, as well. Depending on your industry, you may also want to invest in contamination control mats or non-conductive mats to help reduce static electricity from damaging sensitive equipment and to protect your employees from electrical shock.

Prevent Injuries from Standing for Long Periods

In addition to preventing slip and fall accidents, you can also use floor mats to help prevent injuries that occur from standing for long periods. These injuries can affect the back, neck, legs, hips and knees but standing for a prolonged period every day has also been linked to chronic heart and circulatory problems. When these problems arise, employees usually need time off work to recover from their injuries, so the amount of loss time from work is greatly increased.

These designs encourage subtle movement, which helps to increase blood flow to the lower extremities. As a result, it reduces the risk for health problems associated with standing for long periods. In addition, workers are less productive when trying to work while in pain, so using floor mats with anti-fatigue properties can help increase production.

Using industrial floor mats may not seem like a big thing but everything you do to help protect your employees and make them more comfortable and safer in the workplace affects your business. When your workers are happy and feel good, they’re more productive and when they see that you care about their health and well-being, they’re more loyal to your company. Both entrance floor mats and those with anti fatigue properties can make a big difference when it comes to creating a safe environment for your employees.

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