Industrial Mats Serve Many Functions

Industrail MatsAt first thought, industrial mats may not seem very important but they are a necessity for any company. As a business owner, you’re responsible for creating a safe environment for your employees. Screening workers, providing proper job training and maintaining a clean and clutter free environment are some ways to ensure your employees are safe but industrial floor mats play a major role, too. Below are some of the benefits you’ll receive when investing in good quality mats for your company.

An Increase in Production

At first thought, it may be hard to understand how floor mats can increase production but the anti-fatigue mats can make a difference. When you stand in the same place for long hours, your feet, legs and back will get tired quickly. You’ll begin experiencing pain and a variety of medical conditions can follow. It’s difficult to be productive when you’re in pain and many back and neck injuries along with feet and leg problems are caused from standing for long periods on hard surfaces.

However, anti-fatigue industrial mats are designed to encourage subtle movement even when the person is standing in one spot. This relieves some of the pressure, increases blood flow and reduce the risk of injuries. Your employees will be more comfortable and healthier, which normally increases productivity.

Keep Insurance Costs under Control

When you have employees going to the doctor and missing work regularly due to injuries caused from standing for long periods, your insurance rates will begin to creep up. Your rates are affected by how often the insurance is used and excessive use will result in higher premiums for everyone. While accidents do happen and some injuries cannot be prevented, using mats can help cut back on the number of employees missing work as a direct result of standing in one spot repeatedly and this can help you keep your insurance rates under control.

Protect Your Employees

Some industrial mats are designed specifically for protection. People who work with high voltage equipment run the risk of being electrocuted if something goes wrong but non conductive floor mats can help keep them grounded, reducing this risks considerably. Even the slightest electrical charge caused from static electricity can spark a fire if the conditions are right and using anti static mats that insulate the worker and draws the static electricity from his body, helps to protect your employees and create a safer workplace.

Some types of industrial floor mats can absorb vibrations from loud noises, which help to reduce the risk of workers suffering from hearing problems. Restaurant kitchen floor mats help to prevent many slip and fall accidents and fire retardant mats help to prevent fires caused by sparks when welding or using similar equipment.

Protects Your Investment

When you protect your workers and create the safest possible work environment, you automatically protect your investment in the company. The risks of your facility catching fire or sensitive equipment being rendered useless due to something as simple as static electricity are greatly reduced. Protecting your employees and making their work environment as safe as possible helps to create a happier and more productive work environment. Industrial mats serve many functions, making this simple item one of the most important investments you’ll make for your company.

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