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  • Rubber Floor Mats Have Stood the Test of Time

    rubber floor matsRubber floor mats have been around for a long time and they’re still one of the most popular choices for industries that have a lot of foot traffic. You’ll see them in schools, hospitals, hotels and similar buildings because they have so many benefits to offer. Using floor mats throughout your facility will help to protect your employees and visitors from slip and fall accidents. They also help to protect your flooring, which will cut down on maintenance and the need to replace the floors sooner than necessary.

    When you go shopping for floor mats, you’ll find a wide variety to choose from but the rubber mats tend to stand out from the rest due to their many usages and benefits. For example, you can use them on any type of flooring. The rubber mats with cleats on the back are designed for carpets. The cleats grip the carpet fiber preventing the mats from slipping and sliding around, which provides a safer environment for your employees and visitors.

    Others have a smooth backing for use on tile, hardwood and similar types of flooring. Their anti slip properties keep these from sliding around on the floor. Rubber mats are also durable, which is another thing that makes them a popular choice.

    Heavy Duty Rubber Floor Mats Hold up Better

    When you need a heavy-duty floor mat that will hold up to constant foot traffic and extreme temperature changes the rubber mats are a great choice. They maintain their shape and won’t curl up on the ends the way other types of floor mats can nor will you have a problem with them cracking or splitting. The Scrapemat outdoor entrance floor mats are proof of how durable an all rubber mat can be. They’re also designed to trap moisture and debris from being tracked into your facility. All of this helps to create a good first impression with your customers.

    Rubber floor mats can hold up to the changing environment and heavy foot traffic for many years without showing signs of aging. When properly maintained, they’ll look like new for many years making them a great investment for any industry, especially when you have a large facility and need multiple floor mats.

    Easy Maintenance

    In addition to being heavy duty, rubber floor mats are so easy to keep clean. You can simply wash them with mild soap, rinse and hang them up to dry. In between washing the mats, you can vacuum them to pick up the excess dirt and debris to help keep your facility clean. Rubber mats are also stain resistant so you never have to worry about spills ruining the look of your mats, which helps you to maintain a good company image.

    Due to their durability, easy maintenance and slip resistance properties, these floor mats are a great option for all types of industries from restaurant kitchens to auto shops. Rubber floor mats have stood the test of time and proved to be a great investment for all types of businesses.

  • Restaurant Floor Mats and Runners: Reduce Slip and Fall Accidents

    welcome6Protecting your customers is a big responsibility for restaurant owners so you want to take every precaution possible to ensure the safety of your visitors. This includes taking steps to reduce or prevent slip and fall accidents. The restaurant industry is at high risks for these accidents because the floors often get greasy and slick even in the lobby area. Another problem is that customers often drop food and spill beverages on the floor and someone else will walk by and slip before an employee has time to clean it up.

    Slip and fall accidents are responsible for all types of medical problems that include sprains, broken bones and serious hip and back injuries, so it’s important for business owners to take steps to reduce the risks of accidents as much as possible. You can’t prevent all accidents from happening but you can lower the chances by following a few safety guidelines and investing in restaurant floor mats and runners.

    How Floor Mats and Runners Help

    Having entrance mats at the doorways will help reduce the amount of moisture tracked into your facility, which will help to keep the floors clean and dry. Placing floor mats around drink machines where customers often spill beverages will help absorb the spills and keep the liquids from running onto the floor where it can cause someone to slip.

    Runners protect your customers in the same way but they cover a wider area so they work well when placed around buffet tables, salad bars and in front of counters. You can have runner mats custom cut to fit the area you need to cover to ensure maximum protection and to enhance the décor. In addition to utilizing floor mats throughout your facility, following good maintenance procedures will also help prevent slip and fall accidents.

    Good Maintenance and Cleaning Tips

    Your restaurant should have good maintenance procedures in place and you can set up classes to train employees on proper cleaning to help maintain a safe environment for your customers. Simple steps employees can take include cleaning up food and spills right away.

    If for some reason you can’t get to it immediately, put out wet floor signs warning the guests there is a potential hazard in that area so they’ll be more careful. You’ll also need to use these signs when mopping during business hours or when it's snowing or raining.

    Teach your employees proper cleaning procedures for restaurant floors to make sure they’re using the right products on the floor. Some cleaning supplies have the potential to make certain types of floors very slippery, so you want to avoid using these when cleaning.

    Install Cameras in Your Restaurant

    Since the risk of someone faking a fall to try to receive compensation is becoming more common, you can add extra protection for your business by installing cameras to monitor your visitors throughout your facility. It may be hard to believe that someone would fake a fall but it does happen more often than you might think and anything you do to reduce your risk of both fake and real slip and fall accidents will help protect your business financially.

    When you protect your customers, you’re ultimately protecting your business. So, teach your employees proper maintenance and cleaning procedures, install cameras and invest in quality floor mats and runners to help protect your customers from slip and fall accidents.

  • Enhance Brand Awareness with Computer Print Logo Mats

    Computer Print Logo MatsAre you searching for a new way to enhance your facility and create a good first impression for your customers? Have you considered investing in computer print logo floor mats? Sometimes, a simple change can make a big difference and you’ll be amazed at how colorful logo mats can brighten up your building. The main purpose of using floor mats is to create a safe environment for your visitors by reducing the risks of accidents but that doesn’t mean they have to be simple and plain.

    You can use computer print logo mats as a way to create a welcoming environment and establish your brand in a unique and fun way. These are a great option because the images are created by advanced dye-injection technology with precision control. What this means for you is that you’ll receive quality products with clear, vivid images that stand out from other types of designs. It also offers you more color options so you can match your company’s logo and color theme perfectly.

    How Using Computer Print Logo Mats Can Benefit You

    Computer print technology offers a wide variety of vibrant colors with the ability to create detailed patterns, color gradations and 3-D effects. It even offers photographic effects that are sure to grab the attention of anyone that walks into your business. This sophisticated technology is so advanced that people can’t help but notice the colorful and vivid artwork.

    More importantly, many of them will remember your logo whenever they need the products or services you offer, making these floor mats a great investment. Computer print logo mats are a great choice for any company looking for a way to make a good impression on your customers. It’s an excellent way to draw attention to your brand and you get the added benefits of creating a safer environment for your visitors.

    Tips for Creating Your Custom Design

    After selecting a company that can provide you with quality services, you’ll need to create your design but there are a few things you need to consider that are unique to floor mats. The angle from which the visitors see the image is the main difference. Since they’ll be looking down at the design, you have to make sure your message is clear and that it looks good from this angle.

    You also have to consider the location of the mats so you can determine if you need to use the portrait or the landscape orientation for the design. This will ensure the image is not sideways when your visitors look at it. You also want to create a simple design since your customers will only have a few seconds to see it as they go in and out of your building.

    When you choose computer print logo mats, you’re putting your brand in a location that your visitors are sure to notice as soon as they step inside your facility. Combine this technology with durable, high quality floor mats and you have an eye-catching design that will get consumer attention, enhance brand awareness and reduce the risks of slip and fall accidents.

  • Four Tips for Choosing Customized Commercial Floor Mats

    Four Tips for Choosing Customized Commercial Floor MatsFloor mats can be an essential part of your business's interior design. Having a welcoming entrance will set a tone for your customers, and it's important that they have a positive first impression of your company. Mats can help customize your space, as well as trap or hide dirt. What type of custom commercial floor mats will your company need? Here are four tips to help you figure that out.

    1. For Industries That Want Customization

    How can you make your salesroom stand out from floor to ceiling? Many companies choose entry floor mats with customized company logos. This is a good choice for entryways that will not be "busy" in nature, allowing the logo to be a focus point, rather than ignored. Work with a business that sends you a color proof for approval before printing your logo -- otherwise, the mat might not turn out the way you hoped it would.

    2. Industrial Floor Mats

    If you work in an environment prone to slippage, or where slips are especially important to prevent, such as food service, industrial floor mats can help keep water away from your soles. Textured surfaces help to keep feet firmly rooted in place. These are often made from rubber or PVC.

    3. Why Use Entrance Mats?

    When you have heavy traffic coming into your office, floors can quickly become covered in dirt, mud and water, depending on the weather. Entrance mats can be made with edging to trap water within the mat, keeping wood flooring and carpeting safe. Entrance mats can help your floor continue to look new and clean, while reducing how often you need to actually vacuum or sweep the area.

    4. Renting vs Buying Floor Mats

    People often wonder whether it's a better idea to rent their floor mats, or buy them. If you are having a one-time event where you expect many people and want floor mats for the occasion, then renting probably makes sense, as you will have little need for them after, and they would take up considerable storage space. If, however, you plan on using floor mats long term, it makes more sense to buy. Just a small entrance mat can cost $5 a week to rent -- which adds up to about $260 over the course of a year. And many businesses will need more than just one floor mat.

    Are you ordering custom commercial floor mats for your company? We are ready to assist you, please contact us via email sales@floormatsystems.com or call 1-888-680-6287

  • Maintain a Healthy and Safe Gym for Your Patrons

    gym mats

    Going to the gym is a major part of life for many people. It’s a great way to stay in shape, maintain a healthy weight and exercising relieves stress and anxiety. However, it’s up to gym owners to keep their facilities clean and safe for their clientele, so they can enjoy all the benefits going to the gym has to offer without worrying about getting sick.

    Gyms are known for spreading upper respiratory tract infections and there have been cases of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus or MRSA being spread to patrons that used equipment immediately after an infected person. Athletic foot, jock itch and a number of other infectious diseases are also found in gyms but there are measures you can take to keep your clientele healthy and safe.

    Tips to Help Maintain a Clean and Healthy Gym

    Dirty floors, unpleasant odors and unclean equipment are some of the main problems found in the workout area of gyms. Using an assortment of gym floor mats can help keep your floors clean and presentable. Use entrance mats at all entryways to stop most of the dirt and debris from ever entering your facility and to protect your patrons from slip and fall accidents. Use heavy-duty mats and anti-fatigue mats throughout the gym to help protect your clients from other injuries related to working out.

    In the article Harmful Germs May Lurk on Gym Equipment, HealthNews talks about some of the problems you’ll find in gyms and it will give you a better idea of how important it is to keep your equipment clean and sanitized. It also gives patrons some good advice on how to protect themselves. To reduce the spread of germs and infections, you need a regular routine for cleaning and sanitizing the equipment.

    Cleaning and Sanitizing Tips

    Much of the cleaning and sanitizing that you’ll do will be after hours when you can clean the whole facility without interruptions. However, constant monitoring and cleaning throughout the day is also necessary to ensure you’re doing all you can to protect your clientele.

    Maintain enough staff members to monitor the gym constantly so there is always someone available to assist the patrons and to clean the equipment between uses. Make sure all towels and similar items that people share are washed and dried properly and educate your staff on the importance of maintaining a healthy and safe environment for clients.

    You can also take extra steps by providing paper towels and sanitizing spray in convenient locations throughout the gym. This way, your clients can have added protection and peace of mind by cleaning and sanitizing the equipment themselves before and after they use them. Even if they see a staff member cleaning, some people will feel safer when they have this option.

    You have an obligation to keep your patrons safe and they count on you to protect them from the spread of infectious diseases and other gym related problems. Using floor mats to reduce the amount of dirt and debris that enters your facility and gym mats to reduce injuries in addition to keeping all equipment clean and sanitized, will help you maintain a healthy and safe environment for your clientele.

  • Three Surprising Advantages to New Floor Mats

    Floor matsBelieve it or not, entry floor mats are not just for fancy houses in movies. In fact, they could be the perfect thing for your home or office building. If you live in an area that is prone to rain, sleet, snow or other dreadful precipitation, you probably end up dragging in water on the bottoms of your shoes every time you walk inside. A bit of floor matting could easily solve this problem. In fact, entry floor mats could provide several benefits at the same time.

    • No More Waterlogged Floors
      A few entry floor mats could easily soak up any water, snow or slush that is on your shoes when you walk into your house or office building. Water that seeps into your regular carpet or wooden floor can cause damage over time, while mud and dirt can ruin the look of a floor instantly. Finding good floor mats could be a great way to prevent any larger problems down the road.
    • Increased Safety
      No business owner wants to hear that one of their employees fell and injured themselves before they could even take their coat off for the day! If your floor is not wet and slippery, you won't have to worry about anyone slipping and falling. These mats could be especially beneficial in high traffic areas where mud and water can be tracked and left behind.
    • They're Stylish, Too
      Customized logo floor mats can come in a wide variety of styles and colors. They're also available in a wide array of sizes. They're made with the highest quality machinery, which will ensure both great look and function. If you're going to take the time to ensure a safer environment, why not go with a company that can help you to spruce things up as well?

    Whether you're just looking to beautify your office entrance way or home foyer, or you're looking to legitimately address safety concerns, entry floor mats are a simple solution.

  • Kitchen Floor Mats Help Prevent Industrial Accidents

    Food Service Kitchen MatsThe kitchen in restaurants, hotels, hospitals and other industries are at high risks for slip and fall accidents. Anytime someone falls, there is a risk of serious injury that can put the employee out of work for an undetermined amount of time. Along with the discomfort and other problems the person hurt must deal with, the lost time from work can interfere with daily operations and hinder business. However, there are ways to reduce the risks of accidents and make your kitchen a safer place for all employees.

    The information below discusses some of the potential kitchen hazards employees face associated with slip and fall accidents. It also offers some tips for reducing accidents and information on how industrial floor mats can make your kitchen safer.

    Potential Kitchen Hazards

    Many things contribute to accidents in the kitchen but the main culprit is usually grease, food and water that end up on the floor during rushes. No matter how careful workers are, dropping food particles, splashing water and dripping grease on the floor is inevitable. The kitchen area is always busy with everyone running around trying to keep up with the orders. Moreover, anywhere there are fryers, you’re going to have grease dripping on the floor from time to time.

    All of these things contribute to kitchen accidents, so you need to take steps to help protect employees from falls as much as possible. The following tips can help.

    Tips for Reducing Kitchen Accidents

    Requiring employees to wear non-slip, waterproof shoes, cleaning up spills as quickly as possible and keeping clutter to a minimum are all great ways to help reduce the risk of accidents. Making sure the kitchen has adequate drainage, using convex mirrors for blind corners and maintaining proper lighting will also make a big difference in how safe the kitchen is.

    In addition to these ideas, following proper cleaning procedures and using industrial kitchen floor mats will also reduce the risk of an accident from occurring. These tips will also help your business comply with OSHA regulations for restaurants and other businesses that deal with food.

    How Kitchen Floor Mats Can Help

    Kitchen floor mats are made from strong rubber with grease resistant capabilities and they have non-slip backing that prevents them from sliding around. There are different styles available but the most common type used in restaurants and similar kitchens have drainage holes. This traps the liquids and food substances below the surface of the mats until you can clean them. It also prevents spills from spreading out onto the surrounding areas.

    As an added bonus, you can also choose kitchen floor mats with anti-fatigue properties. This creates a more comfortable work environment for employees by reducing the stress on the back, hips and legs caused by standing in one place for long periods.

    It’s your responsibility as the owner of a business to make sure the kitchen area is as safe as possible for employees. You can’t prevent all accidents from happening but you can reduce the risks by following the tips above and using quality industrial kitchen floor mats.

  • Waterhog Floor Mats are the Leading Choice among Businesses

    waterhog floor matsThe Waterhog floor mats are one of the most popular types of mats used in businesses today, due to the many benefits they have to offer. The impression you make on your visitors as they enter your establishment is one they’ll remember for a long time. These entrance mats can help make this impression a good one that builds a positive image for your company, while helping to keep your establishment looking neat and clean.

    They come in many different styles, colors, sizes and shapes with the most common including the rectangle, the half oval, the two-end oval and the ones designed flat on one end and rounded on the other. Many companies also offer custom-made designs that allow you to create the perfect size and shape for your particular needs.

    Some of the features that make Waterhog mats so popular are discussed below.

    They’re Durable

    Durability is one of the main things that business owners look for when investing in floor mats and you won’t find any other style that is tougher or more durable than the Waterhog floor mats. This makes them a great choice for entrances where the most moisture and debris is tracked into your establishment due to the high volume of traffic entering and leaving the building.

    The material used to make Waterhog mats are a polypropylene fabric that dries very fast and you never have to worry about it rotting, mildewing or fading. This all-weather crush proof material will stand up to heavy traffic for many years. It’s also environmentally friendly making them an even greater investment for any company.

    They’re Very Effective

    The clever waffle design and reinforced bi-level rubber nubs aggressively clean the dirt and debris from the bottom of the shoes of everyone that enters your establishment. This design works all of the debris it picks up below the surface of the mat, so they always appear clean and inviting to anyone that visits.

    The molded rubber edges also traps moisture underneath the surface of the mat, so they don’t look wet and soggy during inclement weather. The rubber backing prevents the moisture and debris from spilling out onto the floor and they keep the mats from sliding around when stepped on. All of this helps to maintain a clean appearance for your business, which helps to create a good first impression for visitors.

    They’re Easy to Clean

    Waterhog floor mats are easy to clean. Simply vacuum up the dirt and debris or rinse them off with a water hose and hang them up to dry. You can also steam clean them occasionally to help maintain the mats original luster. Proper cleaning will keep your mats looking new even longer and it will help to ensure that you get the most from your investment.

    Using a Waterhog door mat inside and outside of your entrances will help to create a welcoming environment, while protecting your flooring. They’ll also keep your establishment cleaner and safer for your visitors and they’re durable enough to last a very long time. Waterhog floor mats are the leading choice among businesses and they make an excellent investment.

  • Start the Year off Right with New Custom Design Floor Mats

    DSCN0054Are your floor mats starting to look old and worn? Do they still look dirty even after daily cleaning? If you answered yes to these questions, then you need to give your business a new look and start the year off right with custom design floor mats. Once floor mats start to get old and worn, they no longer perform the job they were intended for and that’s bad for business.

    Commercial floor mats are designed to help create a clean and welcoming environment for visitors. They help reduce the risks of slip and fall accidents and the custom logo mats can be a great way to increase brand awareness but old, worn out mats will have the opposite effect.

    Problems with Old Floor Mats

    Your company’s floor mats are the first thing that people see when they walk into your place of business, so they are a reflection of your company. If they’re old and outdated, consumers and associates might get the impression that your business is a little outdated and that can hurt your company's image.

    Another problem with old floor mats is that they can easily turn into a safety issue. If the corners are beginning to curl up or the edges are torn, it greatly increasing the risk of slip and fall accidents. When the non-skid backing wears out, the mats will begin to shift and slide around when someone steps on them, which can also cause serious accidents.

    Over time the dirt and debris can grind in so deep that you can’t get them clean and the fabric becomes worn and slick. When this happens, they won’t absorb the water or scrape off the dirt and debris very well, so they no longer do the job they were designed to do. Instead of making your facility safer for your visitors, old worn out commercial floor mats can actually create an unsafe environment and a poor company image.

    How New Custom Design Floor Mats Can Enhance Business

    New custom design floor mats can give your business a fresh, new look that portrays a modern and friendly environment and the importance of first impressions in business can’t be stressed enough. Each time someone steps foot inside your facility, you want them to have a pleasant experience that will help to build a positive image for your company. New custom floor mats can help you accomplish that goal.

    They make your facility look modern and clean while making it safer for visitors by reducing the risks of accidents. It shows visitors that you care about their safety and they’ll be impressed by the effort you put into creating this safe and welcoming environment. It will also help to build credibility and trust between your company and all those you do business with because they’ll expect this much commitment in every area of your business.

    If your floor mats are beginning to show their age, make the commitment to start this year off on the right foot by replacing them with good quality, custom design floor mats. Your visitors will notice and appreciate your efforts.

  • Protect Your Commercial Floor Mats throughout the Holidays

    Logo Floor MatThe holidays are a busy time for consumers and businesses. Many people are out shopping for gifts for loved ones and friends and many others simply enjoy window-shopping this time of year. For whatever reason consumers are getting out more, it’s great for your business but it can be really rough on your floor mats.

    The extra heavy foot traffic will increase the amount of dirt and grime tracked into your facility and if you don’t take extra steps to keep them clean, it’ll get ground into the mats. The more it’s ground in, the harder it will be to get them clean.

    If it goes too long, you won’t be able to get all the dirt and grime out and this will make your mats wear out much faster than normal. As a result, you’ll have to replace your floor mats much sooner than normal but a simple change in your cleaning routine can help to protect your mats and compensate for the extra traffic.

    Benefits of Increasing Your Routine Maintenance

    Adding to your routine maintenance schedule may seem like a lot of extra work during an already stressful time of year but these few extra steps can help protect your investment. Any time of year that you see an increase in business, your flooring and floor mats will suffer the most.

    By cleaning the mats more often, you’re removing a lot of the dirt and grime before it has a chance to do any damage. It will also remove the dirt trapped between your mats and the floor, which can scratch up and damage the flooring the more it’s walked on. It’s important to protect your flooring because you don’t want to replace it too often due to the expense.

    Tips for Cleaning Floor Mats in High Traffic Areas

    Working in an extra cleaning step is easier than it sounds. If you normally clean your commercial floor mats twice a day, you can add an extra cleaning time about halfway between the scheduled cleanings when business is at its slowest. This will help to pick up the access dirt on top of the mats before the next rush hits, which will prevent it from being ground in deeper from everyone walking on it.

    Reducing the amount of ground in dirt makes it easier to clean the mats at the end of the night. This will save you a lot of time and aggravation later. At closing, rinse down the floor mats with a water hose and scrub any stubborn areas clean with a mild soap and scrubber designed for the type of mats you have. Rinse out all the soap and hang them up to dry overnight.

    Be sure to clean under the mats at least once during the day to pick up any dirt that’s made its way through to the floor and then again during the final cleaning. Adding this extra step to your maintenance routine will help to extend the life of your commercial floor mats and reduce the damage the extra traffic can cause. It will keep them looking like new much longer and working in an extra cleaning step, only takes a few minutes.

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